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New playground equipment for Cooma East


As part of our community services project work, The Rotary Club of Cooma is committed to working with the Snowy Monaro Regional Council and seeking grant based funding for a building project in your neighbourhood.

The desired project is to renovate and upgrade the playground area at Wangie Street in East Cooma’s thriving residential precinct.

Yes! That’s your neighbourhood.
We can’t do it alone. The project will be reliant on Government and private sector grant and community funding. We are seeking householders from the East Cooma precinct to help us obtain this funding and to work with Rotary Cooma to help design, build and maintain a great renovated playground and recreational facility for your area.

Can you be involved? Do you have questions? Do you have ideas?
If you answer yes, the Cooma Rotary Club would love to meet with you and we invite you to attend a community meeting!

Contact for queries – Sandra tel 0429 105 756

We’d love to have you involved and if you want to know more about Rotary that would be fabulous.

We look forward to working with you on this special project.